Top 5 amazing Gay-Friendly Wedding Venues in the UK

Jul 9, 2020 | Weddings

Gay-friendly wedding venues

Gay-friendly wedding venuesFinding Gay-friendly wedding venues in this day and age shouldn’t be a problem. Weddings are a multi-billion pound industry, and the UK is progressive enough not to care who you’re marrying, as long as you’re happy about it! Finding the perfect gay-friendly wedding venue to celebrate your same-sex marriage is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your big day, but sadly many couples still find it a struggle.

Navigating the same-sex wedding planning waters isn’t always easy, especially as most advice out there is geared towards a heterosexual bride and groom. But when planning your celebration, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of hiring a venue that’s sensitive to the specific needs of a same-sex couple.

But that part shouldn’t be difficult. So, I’ve done some digging, and found a list of some stunningly beautiful venues across the UK that are not only gay-friendly wedding venues, but are excited and proud to host weddings of all types, shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re planning a wedding, or holding a commitment ceremony, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect gay-friendly wedding venue on this list!

Gretna Green, Scotland

Who hasn’t heard the stories of couples eloping to Gretna Green? When parents wouldn’t approve of matches, the happy couple would run away to get married without their permission, starting a romantic history that has stayed with the venue to this day. It’s also a very popular spot in the LGBTQ+ community, since being accepting of all types of couple is engrained in their history. Gretna Green are incredibly welcoming to all LGBTQ+ couples, with the firm motto of ‘love is all you need’. So if you’re a romantic at heart, saying your ‘I do’ over the legendary anvil before moving on to one of Gretna Green’s beautiful gay-friendly wedding venues is the perfect way to do it.

Gaynes Park, London

Gay-friendly wedding venuesWith sweeping views of the London skyline and surrounded by English countryside, farmland and woodland, Gaynes Park is a contemporary barn wedding venue in a traditional rural setting. An elegant and sophisticated venue that is truly unique, Gaynes Park boasts immaculately restored listed barns, an Orangery, beautiful gardens and luxury boutique accommodation.

Weddings can take place in one of three locations: the Orangery, Gather Barn or Mill Barn. The beautiful Orangery is located in the walled garden on the site of an old Victorian conservatory and is a stylish building with exposed oak beams and central double doors that maximise natural light, warmth, ambience and views to the gardens. So if you want a combination of grandeur, elegance and a hint of rustic charm, you couldn’t find better and it’s one of my favourite gay-friendly wedding venues.

The Deep, Hull

If you’re looking for something big, bold and different from every other wedding you’ve ever been to, then you need to take a look at The Deep. Not many people realise that the stunning modern aquarium is actually a wedding venue, and welcoming to all couples. The venue is yours and yours alone, and you can get married in a variety of spots across the venue. My favourite is the underwater tunnel with beautiful marine life swimming over you, or in the Endless Oceans gallery with graceful rays and sharks swim beside you. Or if you want a bigger view, you can head up to the observatory and tie the knot looking out over Hull and the Humber. The Deep are such an accepting and welcoming venue, particularly to gay and lesbian couples who really want to make a statement with their day.

 Rivervale Barn, Hampshire

IGay-friendly wedding venuesf you’re looking for a rustic wedding day that’s still full of class and style, you couldn’t do better than Rivervale Barn. It’s a charming Hampshire venue that’s full of unique character, with dedicated spaces for every part of your day.

From the light and airy ceremony room with cathedral-style windows, to a pretty courtyard, tranquil gardens and even a beauty barn for brides to get ready in, plus a honeymoon cottage for the couple to spend the night – Rivervale Barn provides impact and grandeur. You enter through beautiful arched oak doors, which open to form a dramatic entrance and aisle. If the weather is with you, you can even say ‘I do’ outdoors in a dedicated ceremony space – The Spinney. The Spinney is an idyllic outdoor ceremony space that is only a few steps away from the barn but offers a sense of seclusion and intimacy. Accompanied by birdsong and surrounded by Rivervale’s beautiful gardens and atmospheric woodland, there is no better place to celebrate your love.

 The Green, Cornwall

I know how difficult it can be to find anywhere in Cornwall that isn’t optimistically called ‘cosy’ – but The Green is anything but small. With oodles of space across a gorgeous estate set in the heart of Cornwall with its own lush forests and winding rivers, this stunning venue has everything you could ever want from a wedding space. Want something big and flamboyant? Hire the entire estate to yourselves, grounds and all, and go wild. Looking for a family affair? Choose a house wedding. Or for something more intimate, a cottage wedding or even an elopement. What makes it special for same-sex couples is the fact that it was the first venue in Cornwall ever to host a gay wedding – on the very day it was made legal in 2014. Since then they have welcomed thousands of LGBTQ couples through the doors, and even have wedding planners on staff that specialise in gay weddings.

And of course, you need someone to perform the ceremony for you.  I specialise in performing unique and personalised wedding ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples. So if you’re looking to make your vows as unique as your venue, just get in touch to see what I can do for you.

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