Proposal top tips – 4 ways to get a ‘yes’

Dec 14, 2021 | Weddings

proposalA marriage proposal is one of the most momentous events in your relationship and as such it’s worth taking the time and effort to really think it through. From the moment the big question is popped, everyone wants to know about the proposal: where did it happen / how / when / was it a surprise or was it expected? If you are planning the perfect proposal take a look at our 4 top tips and enjoy the journey!

#1: Timing is everything

Yes, timing is everything, and we don’t just mean the length of time you have been together (although you do of course, need to be sure you know each other well enough to take this important step!). What we mean by timing is that for a proposal to be well-received it needs to be done in the right place and at the right time.

If you propose whilst your partner is taking something out of the oven, driving down the motorway or talking to someone else on the phone, don’t surprised if your proposal is ignored, unheard and not taken at all seriously.

Make your proposal at a time when you have your partner’s undivided attention – if you are in a restaurant make sure you choose a time when you are not expecting the waiter to come back to the table – choose a time when there is a lull between courses. Better still, let the waiting staff know in advance that you are planning to propose, so that they can be sensitive to your situation and leave you alone when needed.

#2: Keep it real

If your usual style is understated and reserved, planning a massive proposal with bells, whistles and a marching band will probably just make you both feel really uncomfortable. Stay true to who you and your partner are – match the proposal to your personalities. If you are both fairly extrovert and like being the centre of attention, your partner is likely to react well to a proposal in the same vein. Think carefully about how your partner is likely to react before planning how you will pop the question. Embarrassment is not the objective here! Public proposals are very dramatic and memorable but they are not for everyone. Some people would love it and others not so much – it depends very much on their personality and preferences.

#3: Location matters

We have heard some horror stories about beach proposals where the groom-to-be went down on one knee on the sand, produced a ring and promptly dropped it. Luckily his fiancee reacted really quickly and retrieved it before it sank without a trace. Consider whether you want to propose in a romantic setting, somewhere a bit quirky, a venue that has special significance for the two of you. Here are some gorgeous hotels in Berkshire where you can pop the question in stylish and elegant surroundings: Beautiful Berkshire Wedding Venues – my top 3 favourites

#4: Be creative

There are many different ways you can ask your partner to marry you – from the traditional down on one knee approach to a more dramatic airplane banner message! Make sure you plan carefully to ensure that the message is clear – the last thing you want is for your plans to be scuppered by last minute hiccups. One of the most romantic and creative proposals I have ever heard was a couple whose wedding I officiated in September 2021.

Stuart and Andy had a favourite restaurant and when Andy decided to propose, he had a plate specially commissioned with ‘Stuart will you marry me’ printed on it. He then had the plate sent ahead to their favourite restaurant where a chocolate dessert was placed on it, ready for Stuart to choose at pudding time! I’m happy to say that Stuart chose the right dessert and as he ate it the words slowly revealed themselves on the plate beneath. The rest is history!

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