3 ideas for a fabulous wedding ceremony with sparkle

Sep 3, 2020 | Weddings

How to have a fabulous wedding ceremony with sparkle

wedding ceremony with sparkleWhy would you not want a wedding ceremony with sparkle? Celebrant led wedding ceremonies give you the ideal opportunity to throw away the rule book and get creative. If you don’t want a completely conventional ‘stuffy’ wedding that’s governed by archaic rules and restrictions then a celebrant led wedding ceremony with sparkle is definitely for you.

Here are 3 ideas for adding joy and a sprinkling of sparkle to your special day…

  1. Aisle be seeing you…….  be different. Traditionally in straight marriages the groom waits at the front of the room for his bride who is walked down the aisle by her father who then ‘gives her away’.  If that’s not for you, why not walk down the aisle together? This symbolises unity and taking those first steps to commitment as a couple.

Of course you could be accompanied down the aisle by whoever you like – parents, friends, children, dogs, even llamas have made that short but symbolic trip! Some brides / grooms prefer to walk alone down the aisle as a signifier of personal strength and independence. Another option is to walk partway down the aisle alone, the remaining partner then joins them and walks the rest of the way down the aisle with them .

Alternatively mix it up completely and have the bride at the front and her partner walking down to greet her. And of course you don’t have to have an aisle at all if you prefer not to. Just walk in, or be there already to greet your guests. At a recent wedding I officiated, the couple danced down the aisle accompanied by a drag act singing ‘Get Happy’. Now that’s sparkly!

2. Include your guests…. This may or not include pets! Dogs can be great ring bearers providing that they are well trained and of course perfectly behaved! Always check with your venue before inviting your furry friends though.

A wedding ceremony with sparkle gives you the opportunity to get creative and think of how you can provide your guests with ample opportunities to get involved – readings, ring warming ceremonies, solo performances, karaoke, group singing, let them be part of the ceremony and joint stars of the show. Many symbolic elements provide an opportunity for families and children to actively participate in the wedding ceremony, for example handfasting ceremonies, unity candles and sand ceremonies. Your celebrant will have lots of ideas on how to make your guests feel like an integral part of your day, rather than just being passive observers.

Ideal guest participation opportunities include joint singalongs with a choir or recorded music. This can be incorporated at the point where the couple sign the documentation or at the end when the couple are walking back down the aisle.

wedding ceremony with sparkle

3. Relax the rules…. You don’t have to have pre-planned speeches – why not have an open mic so that anyone who wishes to address the room can do so? Could be fun! Of course, you don’t have to have speeches at all if you prefer not to. Seating plans are another tradition that can restrict people from mingling so let people sit wherever they like and make new friends along the way. Want a theme? make it fancy dress / movie related / star wars! Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice and aim to make the theme accessible to all.

It’s your day so celebrate your way. Your celebrant will have some ideas and there is a world of wedding advice available to you but make your day true to who you are. The only rule to a celebrant-led wedding ceremony is that there are no rules. Do it your way and get in touch to chat about how we can create your wedding ceremony with sparkle!

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