5 reasons why a winter wedding is wonderful

Oct 13, 2021 | Weddings

When we think weddings we tend to automatically conjure up images of glorious summer days in flower-filled gardens, floaty dresses and the great outdoors. Summer weddings can of course be beautiful, but they can also be rainy (yes, the UK weather is unpredictable at best), stiflingly hot and therefore difficult to manage and plan for. Then there’s the cost….with the average wedding budget in the UK nearing the £20k mark, a winter wedding can be a fantastic option to consider. Here are just some of the benefits…

1. A winter wedding can be easier on the pocket

winter weddingMost venues charge a lot less for a winter wedding than they do for weddings in peak season (April – October). Between November and March there are some really good price tariffs at most wedding venues. This usually excludes the christmas and new year holidays, although it’s best to check because you may still get a better deal than in peak summer months. If you are more of an indoor than outdoor person there is every reason to consider having your wedding off-season. After all, it might well rain in mid-August anyway, so why pay more?

2. A winter wedding can be magical

Think cosy log fires, twinkling fairy lights and gorgeous plush styling. Colours can be dramatic, bold and daring – nobody expects soft pastels in wintertime so let your creative juices flow and dare to be different at your wonderful winter wedding. Many wedding venues really come into their own in the winter months decor-wise and on a practical note they will provide blankets for outdoor use and heaters on patio areas

3. Be dramatic with your flowers

Your florist will be over the moon to create imaginative arrangements in dramatic winter colours. There are some amazing winter wedding floral arrangements on  Pinterest that use a variety of unusual materials and textures to create gorgeous winter wedding displays. Think gold fir cones, silver twigs and baskets delicately wrapped in ivy!

4. Your photographer will love you!

Midday summer sun can be an absolute nightmare for photographers – shadows, people squinting, many factors make it difficult to capture those perfect wedding moments. Your photographer will be thrilled to work their magic in crisp wintry daylight and romantic dusky twilight. Sparkling snowy backgrounds make terrific photos that you will treasure forever.

5. Dare to dress differently

If sleeveless dresses are not your thing, a winter wedding gives you the ideal opportunity to dress differently. Sleeves are on trend for wedding dresses ever since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in her beautiful long sleeved lace gown. But if a traditional white wedding is really not you, dare to be creative – strong bold colours are very fitting for wintertime so if you want to wear black, go for it! Faux fur shrugs are a very popular accessory for a winter wedding both for brides and bridesmaids, and can look really stylish and retro.

Things to consider with your winter wedding

  • Do make sure you are equipped with sensible footwear! Trainers with wedding dresses are very popular as are boots – be comfortable and dress for the weather, especially if you are planning on having some photographs taken outdoors
  • Choose a venue with accommodation for yourselves and your guests. As the weather becomes more wintry it may cause challenges for guests who are travelling to and from the venue. If everybody is on site you don’t have to worry about Aunty Maud and Uncle Bill not being able to get there, or being snowed in.
  • Venues tend to be less booked up in winter than in peak season so you won’t need to book as far ahead. Do factor in the timescale needed to give notice at your local registry office though – some areas are extremely busy and it is taking several months to get an appointment. Don’t worry if you can’t do the legal part before your celebrant ceremony though, you can still have your bespoke celebrant-led ceremony and then do the legal part later on.

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