5 compelling reasons why you need a wedding planner

Feb 12, 2022 | Weddings

Planning a wedding is exciting, exhilarating and fun. It can also be overwhelming, stressful and really confusing…especially if you haven’t organised a wedding before! So why should you hire a wedding planner? After all, how hard can it be, right? Well… read on…

1. They do this all the time – you don’t!

Basically that’s it. A wedding planner is a professional – they are experts in their field and they know what they are doing. It’s their job. It is probably not your job, but if it is, feel free to go ahead and plan your own wedding! As a novice to the world of weddings, you can easily feel overloaded with information coming from all directions. Yes, of course you can do your research and get up to speed but it takes time, energy and a lot of mental energy, not to mention stress. So leave it to the experts – they can get the job done a lot faster and most likely more efficiently than you, simply because it is their business.

2. You don’t have the time

How much time do you realistically want to spend surfing the internet looking for a florist, photographer, marquee, DJ, and all the other suppliers you will need to hire? And that’s just the start – at some point you will need to make decisions, test out products, make visits – all whilst holding down your day job. Arranging a wedding can be a full-time job, that’s why wedding planners make it their business. Use your time more productively elsewhere – choosing a honeymoon, for instance, or shopping for the perfect dress. On the wedding day itself, the last thing you need is to be liaising with suppliers, making decisions and solving problems. Most wedding planners offer ‘on the day’ co-ordination that goes well beyond the service provided by your venue. Let the wedding planner take the strain and leave you to enjoy the fun bits – it’s meant to be an enjoyable process!

3. You don’t know what you don’t know

One of the biggest concerns my couples have after getting engaged is that they just don’t know where to start with their wedding planning. A good wedding planner will guide, reassure and advise you. They will be as hands on or as involved as you like. You can ask them to take responsibility of the entire planning process or you can work with them and select certain tasks and arrangements for them to take care of. A good wedding planner will listen carefully to your wishes, and will be creative in providing the ideal plan for your perfect day. Once you know what’s happening, when and how, you will feel a lot less anxious and more reassured.

wedding planner4. A wedding planner is well connected

Your wedding planner has contacts that you can tap into. All wedding planners have a truly impressive black book of wedding suppliers, and many will work on a favourable rates basis with the planner. This means that you have other options apart from the suppliers that your venue works with and recommends.

5. A wedding planner is not emotionally involved

Although your wedding planner will be working closely with you every step of the way, they will be able to guide you to make the right decisions without being personally and emotionally involved. Wedding planning is a hugely emotional process and everyone will have an opinion about your dress, the guest list, table plan and choice of wine, not to mention the DJ playlist, food….and so on. It can be confusing and overwhelming to sift through information and make the right decisions for you as a couple, balancing your wishes with those of your family and friends. Your wedding planner will help you to keep calm and make your choices with a clear, and objective, mindset. I’d love to chat with you about your bespoke wedding ceremony, just get in touch and let’s talk weddings!

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