How to avoid wedding excess! 5 great tips for saving money

May 9, 2023 | Weddings

Wedding excess seems to be a growing trend, there are just so many extras you can add into your wedding, from bridesmaids proposals to prosecco-pimping stations, we take a look at what’s wedding excess and what are wedding must-have’s. Of course at the end of the day it’s all a matter of personal choice, priorities and budget, but the key is to do it your way, and not be carried away on a tide of wedding excess!

So what is ‘wedding excess’? Basically anything that’s not adding value to your wedding day or experience. It is, however, very subjective – everyone’s priorities are different and there is no right or wrong on your wedding day. The key is to stay true to yourselves and not be tempted to have all the extras that other couples have, just because you feel you should.

wedding ceremonyTip #1: Decide on your wedding style

Your wedding style should reflect you and your personalities. If you are both a little shy, hate being the centre of attention and are generally quiet types, then maybe golden thrones and drag queens are not your thing!

On the other hand, if you are party animals and want your wedding to be the talked-about celebration of the decade, you may be gravitating more towards the world of wedding excess!

Once you have discussed and agreed on an overall style for your wedding, eg rustic, simple and elegant, rainbow-themed, opulent, festival-vibes, use this as a foundation for your decision-making. Having a defined style will help you choose your venue and many of your other wedding suppliers. If it doesn’t fit with your style, don’t do it!

Tip #2: Be guided by your budget

One of the main reasons couples veer towards wedding excess is that they are unclear about their budget. Having a clear budget to work to is vital – it helps you make decisions about what’s a priority, ie a must-have, and what’s a nice-to-have. Spend the major part of your budget on the must-have items and services, then if there’s money left in the pot at the end you can indulge yourselves on some wedding excess treats.

Tip #3: Think outside the box

There are lots of ways to get creative with your wedding budget, for example just feed people once. Consider having a later ceremony, say, 5pm, followed by an evening hot buffet, rather than a 3 course wedding breakfast and an evening buffet. This will save you thousands of pounds and will also avoid lots of waiting around during the day.

Having your wedding on a weekday will also save you money, as will having lovely desserts instead of a wedding cake. Buying your wedding dress from a pre-loved shop or website will also save you hundreds of pounds and a good seamstress can modify it to your specification.

Tip #4: Be true to yourselves

Are you booking all the extras because you feel you should, or because your friends had them at their weddings? Examine your motives for making decisions around suppliers, additional extras. Are the alpacas really necessary? Do your guests need a casino, magician and singer?  Can the children at your wedding cope without giant jenga and a ball pit? Maybe replace them with a few balloons and inflatable footballs?

Are you losing sight of what really matters on your day? If so you may be crossing the line into the world of wedding excess.

Tip #5: Review regularly

One of the reasons that wedding excess creeps in is because it’s stealthy – we make small decisions about seemingly trivial things and before we know it the bills have steadily increased with all the extras we opted for on the spur of the moment.

Get together as a couple and review your priorities for your wedding, keep each other on track and make sure you’re sticking to the plan.

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