5 Reasons why a Celebrant-led Wedding Ceremony is so exciting!

Apr 17, 2021 | Weddings

What’s so exciting about a celebrant-led wedding ceremony?

A Celebrant-led wedding ceremony is all about choice. You are likely to have spent a great deal of time planning your dream wedding, not to mention money…the stress, the dress, the suits, the sleepless nights working out where to sit Aunty Maud and Uncle Harry, hours of discussions on whether the bridesmaids should wear sage green or blush pink, and those are the easy decisions! Weddings are jam packed full of choices, and the couple only get one chance to get it right, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Your wedding day is a reflection of you both – you want it to say something about who you are as a couple, your beliefs, personalities and style will be apparent for all to see. You spend a long time working out how to weave in the personal touches: stationery, flowers, dresses and suits, cars, table plans, venue, all these elements will tell your guests a lot about you and your personal style.

Perhaps you have decided to go rustic and back to nature (barn wedding and haybales), maybe it’s all glitz and glamour (think high-end hotel and swing band) or you may have decided to keep it beautifully simple. It’s all down to choice. And when it comes to your ceremony, that’s where you have a really important choice to make.

Celebrant-led weddingWhy add all the lovely personal touches to your day and then have a bulk standard ceremony with pretty much the same wording as everyone else, delivered by someone you meet just 10 minutes before the ceremony?

Your ceremony is at the very heart of your day. Yes the party is great, the dress is beautiful and everyone loves the photos, but actually what really matters are the promises and vows you say to one another in front of your family and friends. Do you want it to be functional, fast and formal, or are you going to choose sparkly, fun and personalised? A celebrant-led wedding ceremony is completely bespoke and your celebrant will take great care to craft the right words for you.

Choose your officiant wisely and make sure your ceremony style truly reflects what you are all about as a couple. For example, are you both ardent dog-lovers? If so follow the lead (sorry!) of lots of other canine-mad couples and involve your doggies on your wedding day. They can be ring bearers, best dogs, whatever you like! Just make sure the venue are okay with it and that they are, of course, well behaved on the day.

Maybe you are both creative and a bit quirky. If this is the case then a traditional wedding is probably just not your thing and you’ll want to make up your own rules for the day. Perhaps you are both Star Wars super-fans and would like to get married in full costume with vows to match? It can all be done with a celebrant. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony enable you to be imaginative, creative and just a bit (or a lot!) quirky if that’s what you want!

Of course, you might prefer to have a wedding ceremony that’s more traditional, maybe including a hymn or passage from the bible, a reading or poem from your favourite book or a song performed by a friend. Again, your choice.


Celebrant-led wedding ceremony


5 reasons to have a celebrant-led wedding ceremony 

Celebrant weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who do not want to be dictated to by a list of rules and restrictions. They want their wedding their way. And why not? Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely consider a celebrant-led wedding ceremony….

1. You want to hand pick the person who performs your wedding ceremony
Choosing the right celebrant is so important – you will build a relationship with them, divulge (some of) your innermost secrets so that they can really get to know you and trust them to conduct proceedings on the day to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly. This feels so much more personal and less stressful than waiting until 15 minutes before the ceremony to see who turn up!

2. You want to have a choice of music, readings and ceremony wording
Basically, anything goes in a celebrant ceremony. Whereas a registrar is very limited in the choices they can offer, a celebrant-led wedding ceremony is totally unrestricted. You have complete flexibility when it comes to music, readings and the wording of your ceremony. If you wish to include religious content you absolutely can. This is particularly appealing to couples of different faiths – your celebrant can create a ceremony combining both sets of beliefs.

3.You wish to write your own vows
Writing your own vows can be a really moving and meaningful process. Your promises and commitments are at the heart of your ceremony and deeply personal to you. Your celebrant will be on hand to offer advice and guidance if you need it.

4. You want something different from everyone else
You’ve probably spent a great deal of time, effort, sleepless nights and money on your wedding. It stands to reason that you want it to be remembered and for your guests to talk about it for years to come. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony is bespoke – it is created with you both in mind and will reflect your personalities and beliefs. Dramatic, traditional, quirky, throw away the rule book and let your imagination run wild. ‘mini ceremonies’ are really popular and include hand fasting, tying the knot, sand ceremonies, unity candles. Symbolic elements such as these enable you to declare your love for one another in a less formal, more modern way.

5. You want your wedding ceremony in a non-licenced venue / location
Maybe you want to tie the knot on a clifftop overlooking your favourite beach, in a park, jumping out of a plane or in your back garden. Anything is possible with a celebrant wedding ceremony. Whereas registrars are limited to official licenced venues, a celebrant can perform the wedding ceremony absolutely anywhere. The world is your oyster!

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